U-12 Division

UpdatedTuesday September 29, 2015 byTodd Whitney.

At this level not only do the individual players develop their own skills but they also learn to play as a team. Players start to learn which position(s) they feel more confident in and can start to focus on developing skills in their roll as part of a team.

U-12 Division  The price for this division is $65.


10 & 11 year olds

Game Times:
2- 25 min halves
Breaks at 12.5 min of each half if heat is over 95 degrees
Unlimited Subs, When team has possession and not a Goal Kick. (Must let the ref know)

8v8 (recommended), 9v9 or 11 v 11

Field Size:
Length:  minimum 65 yards      maximum 80 yards
Width:   minimum 45 yards       maximum 55 yards

Goal Size:
7 x 21